Monday, April 29, 2013

Progress Report: 80% Mark

My paper is proceeding as well as can be expected; I keep discovering interesting new bits of information which I would love to include, but cannot due to space limitations. That's the way it goes with professional writing/publishing. And it's probably a good thing too, as if I had infinite space, it would be impossible to finish in the allotted time.

Here are some - hopefully helpful - conclusions to which I have come today:
  1. The "Collection of Cases," linked to the right, is really post-Restoration by all but the most generous definitions of the period. This conclusion, in combination with my rapidly approaching the page limit, have caused me to discard it from the bibliography.,
  2. Likewise many of the sources found in my Zotero library (also linked to the right). During my search for sources, I included everything that discussed Muggletonism, Lodowick Muggleton, religion during the Restoration, dissension and nonconformism. With a maximum of ten pages allowed, there is simply no room for all 23 primary and 36 secondary sources (make that 37; I found another one today). No regrets though, as finding them all was a rewarding project in and of itself.
  3. After talking with some of my fellow HIST-290ers today, I have to admit that I feel fortunate to have found a topic that is of interest to me on a professional level. Religion in all its guises is endlessly fascinating to me, and stumbling across topics as colorful as Lodowick Muggleton and religion in the Restoration has been a blessing (no pun intended) in terms of putting together a decent paper. I would like to be able to claim that I spent a lot of time on choosing a topic, but it really fell into my lap. Coming up with a thesis was another matter, however. THAT took a lot of time!
Okay, back at it.  I hope everyone is having some success in their papers,


- Rod

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