Sunday, May 12, 2013

Edits In Progress

I spent the better part of the day researching the conclusions of the various historians noted in my previous post on the treatment of dissenters during the Restoration. I'm about to call it a day due to an eye-strain headache, but thought it would help (me) to record my thoughts here so I can remember some of what I'm on about tomorrow.
  1. I've picked up all the easy comments. 'Nuff said.
  2. In looking at what other historians have written on the subject, it looks like I am in the majority. Tough luck there, in a way, as it has made it more difficult to find opposing opinions. I could use Whig historians, but I doubt I'll find any recent scholarship from that school.
  3. Regardless, I am adding a paragraph after my (two-paragraph) introduction to discuss these other opinions. It is "mostly done" at this point, and will hopefully be all done by the end of day tomorrow. After that, I'll add supporting bits from other historians where relevant throughout the paper.
  4. Then it's double check the footnotes to make sure they didn't get borked by the edits, proof read a few times, and call it a paper. Woot!
Time for a martini. I've earned it. If you would like to watch something funny and tangentially related (it's set in the Stuart era), check out the following:

Weddings in the Stuart Era.


- Rod


  1. Hey Rod!

    I'm glad you got some helpful feedback from Professor Nice. With a little polish, your paper will be top-notch. I think the addition of a new paragraph focusing on other historians opinions will only supplement your first two intro paragraphs that were already solid. I'm sure you will find a way to address secondary sources more - it will certainly add to your paper.

    I appreciate the offer for help, I think ill be taking you up on that - once I polish my paper up a lot. If you need another look over your paper later, I would happily oblige. Best of luck!


  2. Nice video. I can't wait for my own stroller wedding one day. Churches are quite stuffy.